10 Secret Video Game Characters Hiding In Plain Sight

You mightn't have seen these characters but they were there.

Arkham Knight Calendar Man

One of the coolest moments in gaming is when players locate a hidden NPC or unlock a new playable character. If these individuals can only be discovered by performing a gruelling side-quest, completing time-consuming challenges, or beating the main campaign, it makes the reward all the more satisfying.

However, there are some characters who managed to stay hidden, despite the fact they aren't hiding at all. For one reason or another, their presence goes unnoticed, even if they're out in the open for the whole world to see.

So, how the heck did we miss them if they're staring right at us?

Sometimes, this mysterious person might only make themselves known if a specific task is performed. Other times, they can only be viewed when looked at from a certain angle. Also, not everybody is going to notice a secret character, if they only appear for a second.

Although not every background player or random NPC is important, the entries on this list were designed to be found. If you played these ten games to death, you'll be baffled how you never stumbled across this bunch, especially since they were hiding in plain sight.

10. Tanner - Grand Theft Auto III

Arkham Knight Calendar Man

Driver has been regularly compared to Grand Theft Auto, since it places a huge focus on exploring a bustling city. For this reason, both companies have enjoyed taking the piss out of each other over the years.

So, while Rockstar was putting together Grand Theft Auto III, they couldn't help taking a pop at their "rival". In the Two-Faced Tanner mission, the protagonist is tasked with eliminating a "strangely-animated cop." 

This police informant is only seen for two seconds before getting into his vehicle, so it's easy not to recognise he's the main character from Driver, John Tanner. Since this mission can be completed without getting a clear shot of Tanner, even the biggest Driver fans might miss the joke.

Instead of mowing Tanner down after he dashes out of his vehicle, it's more entertaining to chase him on foot. That way, Tanner's deliberately janky run can be witnessed in all its glory, which is a reference to his erratic on-foot animations in Driver 2. It's such a great gag, it's a genuine shame most people don't see it. 


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