10 Secret Video Game Easter Eggs Left By Developers

9. The Last Of Us’ TV Easter Egg

Naughty Dog

There are an infinite number of ways to hide things in games: through invisible walls, behind button combinations or simply in the code itself but very few games ask players to reset at a very specific point in order to show them something neat. That’s why this The Last of Us secret went unknown for seven years before one lucky player found it by chance.

During the prologue the game will save as the player, controlling Joel’s daughter Sarah, reaches the bottom of the stairs of the family home. If the player then quits the game before progressing the story and reloads, upon ascending the stairs and entering Joel’s bedroom, a still image of a Cordyceps-infected ant is seen on the TV instead of the normal static.

It’s a clear nod to the Clicker enemies of the game, and the odd little Easter egg was acknowledged by developer Kurt Magenau as his creation who joked it was “probably a bug tbh” in a tweet. Like many obscure secrets, it serves no purpose other than for a moment of “huh. Neat”.

Now if people can figure out if there’s an Easter egg to make that prologue play to its completion without making our heart break, then we’d be in business.


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