10 Secret Video Game Endings That Took INCREDIBLE Effort To Unlock

Were they worth it?

Final Fantasy X-2
Square Enix

Replay value can ensure that players remain glued to a great game for hours and hours more, whether in the quest to unlock an awesome new weapon or, most commonly, the game's "true" ending.

These endings will typically reward the most dedicated players who can beat a game on the highest difficulty or a set number of times, but every so often a game tests player enthusiasm to levels that are downright sadistic - if not abusive.

Case in point, these 10 video games all forced players to jump through a spectacularly convoluted and downright unreasonable number of hoops before rewarding them with the game's secret ending, be it the definitive conclusion to the story or a straight-up joke of a finale.

In each instance, only the most dedicated fans kept plowing ahead to unlock the secret ending in earnest, while most of us just watched it on YouTube and moved onto other games.

If you unlocked any of these endings "the hard way," give yourself a firm pat on your back. And if you didn't, think of all that time you saved doing literally anything else...

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