10 Secret Video Game Features That Make NO Sense

Have you ever shot the moon in GTA?

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Video games let you do plenty of crazy things like save the universe through the power of friendship or dispel the evil plaguing the land via the means of ocarina, but they tend to make sense within the context of the game.

Whether you’re somehow becoming the head of every guild in Skyrim no matter your character build, or continuing your tomb raiding shenanigans despite enduring dozens of falls that 100% should have killed you, there are things that we’ve just come to accept as part of the deal in video games.

Though that doesn’t mean there aren’t some features that got us scratching our heads wondering why on earth developers decided to include them. Especially if we had to dig pretty deep to find them in the first place.


10. BloodRayne 2 - Beware The Giant Rat

bloodrayne 2
Terminal Reality

Terminal Reality’s action game BloodRayne 2 has plenty of enjoyable offbeat bits and pieces: vampires, cults, devious plots, and nonsensical floating text!

You can thank players who happened to be looking at the ceiling at the start of the level for finding this one. And, yes, I’m sure their discovery had absolutely nothing to do with trying to get a better look at BloodRayne’s bangin’ protagonist in her skimpy leather outfit.

At the beginning of the sewers section right above Rayne’s head you can see a scrolling message with big red letters that read: “Beware The Giant Rat.”

Now if this was found in 90% of RPGs it wouldn’t be too weird, but it’s particularly strange in BloodRayne 2 because the game never features a giant rat. What or who is the rat? Why is it giant, and how giant are we talking? All questions we may never get the answers to.


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