10 Secret Video Game Transformations EVERYONE Missed

Wait... what??

world of warcraft skeleton

Wizards, elves, cyborgs, aliens - video games allow you to become something you'd never be able to in real life.

But what if this somehow wasn't enough for you? What if you didn't just want to stop at transforming yourself and wanted your characters to do the same as well?

Well, it turns out that many games allow you to do just that. On top of creating and customizing your character, some titles feature special, secret transformations that allow enhance your character and completely change the way you play the game.

From mighty bestial forms to evolutions and illusions, each of these transformations brings a new dimension to your gameplay and makes your character feel even more special, providing them with fresh powers and abilities.

Most of these transformations are hidden within the games, however, and so you need to know how to find them before you can shapeshifting like there's no tomorrow.

If you're looking for a way to give your characters a radical makeover, the following list will help you discover how.

10. Vampire - The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

world of warcraft skeleton

The Elder Scrolls games have a long history with vampires and werewolves.

Starting with the original Daggerfall vampire transformation, pretty much every title within the series features a secret transformation into a vampire and/or werewolf, which provides you with plenty of benefits and disadvantages alike.

Each transformation is interesting in its own right and deserves to be talked about thoroughly, but if you had to pick one that stood above the rest, it would probably be the vampire transformation in Morrowind.

In the game, you get afflicted with vampirism in the same way as in any other Elder Scrolls title, by contracting it while fighting a vampire. From that point, you spend a few days undergoing a change into a creature of the night, and this is where your true vampire experience begins.

What makes the Morrowind vampires special is that the transformation comes with not only new powers but also secret factions and a questline to go along with it.

You get to join one of the three vampire clans in Morrowind (Aundae, Berne, or Quarra), find powerful artifacts like the legendary blade Eltonbrand, and, in general, embark on a long but thrilling journey of discovering the secret world of vampires!

It's good to be a bloodsucker!

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