10 Secret Video Games That Could Drop In 2020

10. Bioshock 4

Bioshock 4

In case you missed it, there is one official press statement for Bioshock 4, where new studio Cloud Chamber noted last December that they've “started to work on the next iteration of the globally acclaimed BioShock franchise”.

Whilst "starting work" makes it sound like a release is ages away, the next Bioshock has been in development for years, having been mentioned multiple times by Kotaku, who leaked its existence back in 2018.

Even then, it referenced a project quite far along, as it seems there's a version of Bioshock 4 that might have continued through to now - starting under a different team, but finally getting over the finish line with Cloud Chamber.

Cloud Chamber deciding - a full year after the game leaked - to mention its existence to the public is a confident step, and as they'll have been working with PS4 and Xbox One technology this whole time, it makes sense to drop the game before the turn of the generation.

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