10 Secret Ways Video Games Make You Feel Like A Badass

8. When RNG Isn't So Random

Crash bandicoot

Random number generation (which is, in itself, a bit of a false term) has gotten a bit of a bad reputation over the years, thanks to its use in more malignant facets of our favourite hobby.

Notably, in things like loot boxes.

But the term can really be applied to most variables that exist within a set limit. If you’ve got a dice and you throw it, the outcome can only be from 1-6, but is mostly randomised within that limit, right?

This is how variables tend to work in typical RNG game scenarios (for example, landing an attack in a JRPG, or if a Pal Rappy is going to drop that GODDAMN AGITO IN PHANTASY STAR ONLINE).

But, as game systems get more complex, they get more circumstantial - your chances tend to increase significantly as the odds start to look against you. How often have you been playing a game like Pokemon and you need a critical hit to win the fight against the gym leader, but you know it’s unlikely... and then BAM, you nail that crit?

R-N-Jesus really does look out for you, kids, forever and ever, amen.


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