10 Secret Ways You Can Save Video Game Bosses From Themselves

9. Forgiving And Sparing Bosses: Sifu

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The boss battles in Sifu can be particularly challenging, and certainly shouldn't be taken lightly. It's a little cruel of the game, then, to make you rematch them in order to get the secret ending.

On replaying the game, you can rematch the bosses. As players will know, these battles end in the rather brutal killing of the bosses, via a special prompt, but refusing to do so on a rematch allows you to select this prompt.

A second structure break (simply don't press the button to execute them when prompted to do so) lets you end the battle by forgiving these formidable enemies instead. Doing so with all five of them activates the alternative ending, in which our protagonist rises to the rank of sifu. Being honorable pays off, it seems.

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