10 Seemingly Insignificant Video Game Choices That Spiral Out Of Control

Wanted to sell an egg for a quick buck?? Now everyone is dead.

Syanna Witcher 3
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Not every choice you make in games is equal. For example, picking your favorite armor isn't the same as deciding the fate of a character or which faction you're going to join.

Making the latter kind of decision is a pretty daunting task as is, and yet some games like to make it even harder for you by hiding those story-defining moments behind deceptively small and insignificant choices.

Yes, in some games, the most important and world-changing consequences come from the most mundane of actions. There's no way for you to realize this when you make those choices, but they quickly set off a chain of events that spiral out of control.

Whether it's saving a character's life by winning a ribbon, entering a world championship by playing a minigame, or making an investment that helps an NPC build an empire, these choices are true examples of the butterfly effect.

Let's examine them together, so you won't be caught by surprise when the full spectrum of their effects hits you in the face.

10. Selling The Gith Egg - Baldur's Gate 3

Syanna Witcher 3
Larian Studios

The choices you make in Baldur’s Gate 3 usually have some consequences later down the road. However, sometimes it can be hard to predict what exactly a specific choice will entail or what the scale of its consequences will be. The best example of this is the choice involving stealing a gith egg in Act 1 of the game.

In the mountain pass region where your party finds a githyanki Creche, you come across a merchant who asks you to steal one of the gith eggs so that she may sell it to the Society of Brilliance.

Naturally, you would expect that stealing one of the githyanki offspring would antagonize them. However, what you don’t expect is that later down the line, in Act 3, choosing to help the woman has - spoiler alert - a rather shocking outcome.

When you visit the Society in Baldur’s Gate, it turns out they managed to hatch a githyanki from the egg, but as they tried to educate the hatchling on how to be a good person, he decided to murder all of them for kidnapping him and therefore betraying the very laws they taught him.

From stealing to being an accessory to murder! What a way to speed-run crime!


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