10 Seriously Immersive Video Game Details You Missed

Red Dead Redemption 2 is STILL blowing us away.

red dead redemption 2 NPCs

While many video games often end up feeling formulaic and full of the same systems and mechanics you’ve seen dozens of times before, there are some games that contain unique details that really ground you in the experience.

Some can be easily missed by many players in titles that reward those aiming to seek out every inch of the world they find themselves in.

There are also more simulation heavy games that attempt to make immersion a core part of their appeal, focusing on multiple mechanics and small touches that contribute to an overall sense of realism.

Whether it’s a game that hides a seemingly unimportant detail somewhere on the map while you’re beelining the main story, or if it’s something found within a lesser-known title, these games all contain an immersion boosting quality that you may not have noticed.

10. Filling The Car At The Petrol Station – Mafia 1 & 2

red dead redemption 2 NPCs

The Mafia trilogy contains many impressively realistic details across its three titles, from the radio distorting when driving through a tunnel, to receiving a fine if you let the police pull you over after driving past them with no regard for the speed limit.

Although not found in the third game, one of the most immersive features found in the series is the ability to refuel your vehicle, with a well-hidden gauge on the HUD indicating when it’s time to take a trip to the petrol station.

Cars will slow down significantly as your fuel gets lower, with some higher-powered vehicles taking less time to deplete their reserves than other, more pedestrian cars in the series.

While it is entirely optional due to the fact that you can simply steal another car, the fact that this detail exists is just one example of how the series attempts to present a more grounded and realistic world for the player to experience, and gives players the ability to keep their favourite cars well looked after, if they so choose.


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