10 Shameful Gaming Moments You'll Never Live Down

"Oh your age determines their boob size? I'm erm... 99."

For a while gaming's associated stereotype was that of a basement-dwelling mum-botherer who subsisted on a diet of microwaveable meals, communicating with the 'The Outside' only by way of a few coded keyboard terms or emoticons. Nowadays that's gone by the wayside (unless you're avoiding sunlight for a marathon Skyrim, Dota 2 or Bloodborne session) but it remains that everyone's 'pretty okay' with the state of the industry and its mainstream audience-infecting ways. All the violence, sexual imagery and 'little boys club' mentalities have since been almost completely washed away in a sea of motion controls and otherwise accessible experiences, making for things like the 'genocide simulator' Hatred or balloon-boobed Sorceress from Dragon's Crown sticking out like the ridiculous callbacks to a bygone time they are. Now, anyone who's a gamer at heart - someone who knows their Emotion Engines from their Revolver Ocelots, or their 1080p resolutions from their texture mapping render filters - knows this period of time like the back of their hand; the torrent of things they had to hide from their parents, discuss only with the best of friends or just otherwise not shout from the rooftops about. Gaming's lineage of smut, gore and other experimental factors is one that makes it so incredible, but man there's been some stupid stuff programmed into certain titles over the years.

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Gaming Editor

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