10 Shameless Cash Grab Video Games You Must AVOID

They just want your money.

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It's no secret that gaming companies want you to spend your hard-earned cash on their products. In principle, there's nothing wrong with this. Even though video games can be expensive, consumers should be satisfied so long as the titles they buy are of the highest calibre.

But there are some studios that don't even hide the fact that they don't care about their games' quality. Some developers expect people to spend a fortune on their games, simply because they've been hyped like crazy.

Sadly, this malpractice has gotten worse in recent years since gaming corporations are focusing more on manipulative tactics to squeeze every penny out of you.

Nowadays, it feels like almost every game has microtransactions tucked away, waiting to fleece its players. Modern titles have so many DLCs, it can cost more than the actual game. A lot of the time, the developers expect you to buy a game because it's a recognised IP even if it's unpolished, unfinished, or flat-out terrible.

Even if you're dying to play the titles on this list, you should know they are nothing but soulless cash-grabs.

10. The House Of The Dead: Remake

nintendo switch wii sports

Although the arcade version of the original House of the Dead required a light gun to play, the 2022 reboot just uses a regular controller, compromising the experience. The gyro aiming is so inaccurate, you'll turn the feature off after five minutes (if you're still alive) and use the motion stick instead, which isn't much better.

Even though the graphics of HOTD Remake are very basic, it takes slightly longer than an eternity for each level to load.

Even if you get past these issues, you'll tire of this reimagined railshooter quickly since you can complete it in 30 minutes (even if you watch the cut-scenes). If you were looking forward to playing with a mate, you'll be disappointed to learn there's no online co-op.

But the worst thing about this reboot is the reload mechanic. In the original, you had to shoot your light gun away from the screen to load a new clip. This little mechanic stopped The House of the Dead from feeling like a generic shooter since it forced the player to be tactical when to reload while battling zombies.

In this misaligned remake though, you can reload with the press of a button, removing all strategic gameplay.


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