10 Silly Video Games With Incredibly Serious Moments

Animal Crossing is all fun and games until you're eating your neighbours.

Franklin Animal Crossing

Comedy has always been a concept that provides some surprisingly serious moments, as much of a paradox as that sounds initially. Even things we consider light entertainment - like the Simpsons or goofy comedians -still usually have a message they want to put across at some point, to balance the laughs out if nothing else.

Indeed, having a serious moment in an otherwise funny video game can potentially create far more powerful and memorable scenes than if they'd been placed in a serious game. We all expect Call of Duty to have tragic demises, at the end of the day, but we don't expect the same from Animal Crossing or Splatoon.

Whether it's a moment that is dark when you think about it, or a moment that is clearly meant to be incredibly messed up, there's some remarkably special about having serious moments in silly games.

It's sort of like watching a kids film like Shrek when you're old enough to get all the adult jokes - adding an extra layer of intrigue and entertainment to something that was already pretty dang fun in the first place.

10. The Ending - Klonoa: Door To Phantomile

Franklin Animal Crossing

Anyone who played through Klonoa knows two things: firstly, it's a criminally under appreciated game, and secondly, the ending to the first game, Door To Phantomile, is sad as all hell.

After fighting nobly to save the world and your friends, you're helpfully informed that the memories you have are fake; manufactured so you'd save the world for its real inhabitants. You, however, do not belong in this world, and as such must be sent back to your own world, leaving your best friend Huepow and your adventures behind.

However, this doesn't play out with Klonoa accepting his fate and travelling through a portal or something. No, instead the poor creature is dragged kicked and screaming from this world, begging to be allowed to stay the whole time. It's honestly a little harrowing if you play this section as an adult, let alone as a child who is basically seeing their beloved hero suffer a pretty awful fate for the crime of... saving the world.


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