10 Smartest Horror Video Game Decisions

Put Down Those Weird Collectables.


Most of us have seen the old horror film clichés at this point, witnessing the protagonist or their friends making dumb decisions that you as the viewer know will be a mistake.

This can range from splitting up the party to investigating those strange noises and this is true of games as well. Games often do this too, often setting players down a linear path, but thanks to the interactive nature of gaming, this isn’t always the case.

Many games put the power to decide its story outcome in your hands, achieved through use of the butterfly effect and branching narratives, rewarding logical decision making and multiple endings to back these up.

Some modern games have also seen fit to break the fourth wall, bringing new horror experiences that instead target the player directly and with this comes an outside-the-box approach to decision making.

It can prove a double-edged sword though, also providing the option to make some dumb decisions to which people should honestly know better by now. Wanna explore that spooky basement? Sure, what could possibly go wrong there, player.

Smart choices don’t always equal the easy one but can often benefit players in the long-run. So for those wanting to make their lives that little bit easier, here’s a few worth taking into consideration.

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