10 Songs For The Perfect Zombie-Killing Playlist

Surviving the hordes with a killer soundtrack.


Whether you know them as walkers, biters, the dead, or simply zombies, it's impossible to deny that zombies have become a prevalent staple in modern pop culture across a multitude of mediums.

The Walking Dead, Call of Duty, and 28 Days Later have become iconic to zombie fans. But the best way to be a hardcore zombie slayer is to accentuate your survival with a killer soundtrack - here are 10 songs that are perfect for your zombie-killing playlist. This list will not include songs from Call of Duty (such as Elena Siegman's 115).


10. Assume - Sylar

A throwback to Nu Metal of old. Strongly reminiscent of Linkin Park, this song is perfect for the gritty nature of zombie-killing.

Though the lyrics are seemingly about bullying and convey an anti-judgement message, the harsh vocals, minimalist verses, and killer pounding chorus (complete with record scratches) really get you pumped up to slay the undead.

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