10 Star Wars Games EA Must Make After Jedi: Fallen Order

Jedi Fallen Order is looking like a winner. So what should EA make next?

Greg Knight

Don't you hate it when trailers turn you off from something you would've adored?

Yes, it would seem that the trailers for Jedi Fallen Order have been selling a VERY different game from what's going to end up being sold in stores. A multi-path metroidvania with a ton of options, a far cry from the ultra linear gameplay demos EA has been showing us.

So Fallen Order is looking like it's gonna be a winner. Everyone please say thank you to Respawn, and flip the obligatory bird toward EA on principle.

So that just leaves the obvious question: what should come next? There were two other big projects other studios were working on before EA felt the need to remind them who they were working for and promptly scrapped them. So now that this game is basically done and out the door, what should EA and all its branches focus on creating next? Something new, or maybe revive an old favorite?

These ideas for Star Wars games may not be the most original, but they're definitely something fans have been itching for for a long time.

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