10 Stephen King Novels That Should Be Video Games

There are a few works that stand out as having the potential to make truly excellent games.

There was a time when Stephen King could do no wrong. That time, was known as €œalways€. I don€™t care if you think The Mangler was bad. Shut up, it was awesome. You didn€™t like the one about machines suddenly coming alive and killing people with soda cans, because of a comet? Well, that€™s clearly because you don€™t understand the underlying meaning, which is €œShut up, it€™s awesome.€ Anyway, I digress. Wait, I guess I would have to have point to digress from it. Well, the point is, Stephen King is (whether you think so or not) one of the most celebrated authors of our generation. He has written literally hundreds of stories, been the screenwriter for dozens of movies, and appeared in the best movie ever (Monkey Bone, obviously). Yet, in all of this, the only videogame based on his work is the free flash game hosted by his website, Discordia. But with such a large library of work to choose from, and videogame tie-ins quickly becoming the most popular way of increasing the profit margin of an intellectual property, a Stephen King videogame is all but an eventuality. Now, personally I hope it€™s just a Stephen King life simulator, in which you spend hours on hours telling your character to sit at his computer answering fan mail and banging out best sellers. However, if it ends up being based on his actual work, there are a few works that stand out as having the potential to make truly excellent games.

1) The Shawshank Redemption: 3rd Person Stealth Action

€“ Escape is the only option You are Andy Dufresne, the banker falsely accused of murdering his wife. Despite your innocence, you have been sentenced to life in prison in Shawshank, a vile and violent place. With boyish good looks and a history of non-violent paperworking, you have little chance to survive against the corrupt guards and aroused inmates. There is only one option, escape. Guide Andy through the dark hallways, disgusting sewers, and even in between the walls, while avoiding guards and the ever vigilant Sisters. Utilize Andy€™s keen wit and tiny rock hammer to set traps, trick guards, and finally escape your redemption in Shawshank.
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