10 Storytelling Clichés In Video Games That Need To Die

"Random mutated boss" remains the only thing wrong with Arkham Asylum.


Video games can get real lazy in their storytelling, falling back in clichés we’ve experienced a thousand times before. Clichés so well-worn and familiar, in fact, that you can probably guess what’s going to happen before it occurs.

Often that’s down to narrative taking a backseat to gameplay, and when you stumble across these lazy stories, it leaves you wondering why the game even had a plot to begin with.

That said, Super Mario Bros. managed just fine without deep storytelling. You’re a plumber. You need to save a princess. Job done.

Why are you a plumber? Why has Daisy been kidnapped? Who cares, crack on with this super-awesome platformer. And that's cool.

It's the games with narrative pretensions for the lowest common denominator that need to quit. The ones that deliver super-simplistic crowd-pleasers that appeal to, and are understood by, the broadest possible player base. So forget about nuance, forget about memorable character arcs - just hurry along to the next gameplay sequence where stuff gets blown up.

These are the absolute worst clichés in video games – you know, the ones that really need stop, like, right now.

Oh, and watch out for minimal spoilers along the way.


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