10 Stupid Early Decisions That Ruin Entire Video Games

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Crafting a universally loved experience is a feat that only a few developers have achieved.

It's a near impossible task to release a game that maintains its quality from start to finish, and though there are many that fail to stick the landing, offering an unsatisfying or disappointing conclusion, there are a handful that fall at a far earlier hurdle.

There are so many decisions that go into making a game, but when one doesn't go to plan in a title's opening stages it's hard to recover. Making a good first impression is vital, so when a game makes a silly move early it's so frustrating, as the rest of the experience could be tarnished as a result.

Be it a wonky narrative choice, misplaced boss battle or outdated mechanics, there's often no going back from a choice that doesn't pay off.

This puts any experience at an immediate disadvantage right out the gate, and though some releases recover from an early blunder to salvage what works, others don't, and as such fail to capture the attention of players for the long run.

10. A FOUR HOUR Tutorial - The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was the first entry in the esteemed series to release on the Wii, with its motion controls setting it apart from the rest, albeit with mixed results.

There are things that are universally liked though, as its dungeon design, art style and atmosphere are all typically praised by fans of the franchise.

Yet, one of the biggest frustrations for existing players is easily its tutorial. Twilight Princess' opening is so incredibly slow in both gameplay and storytelling, and though it does this to establish the world and lore of the game, it does so in such a longwinded way.

It can take upwards of 4 hours before Link dons his iconic green tunic and the adventure truly begins. The quality of the rest of the game makes the early hours feel like more of a problem, and the decision by Nintendo to hold the hands of players through hours of gameplay is annoying as a result.

Any overly long tutorial will always be an issue to those who are familiar with a series, but in the case of Twilight Princess, it's one that spoils much of the rest of the game.

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