10 Stupidly Obvious Video Game Plot Holes You Just Had To Ignore

You can't catch tuberculosis. Who knew?

Red Dead Redemption 2

Video games are such enormously complex projects with an almost unthinkable number of moving parts that it's little surprise things don't always come together with total coherence.

This is true enough for gameplay, but also plot, because when you've got literally hundreds of people working on story, character, visuals, gameplay, and every other facet of game design, it's no surprise that continuity and basic character logic can slip through the cracks in the testing phase.

While all of these games are entertaining enough that these blatant plot holes can be ignored easily enough, it doesn't mean they haven't tormented committed fans ever since release.

From plot-invalidating inconsistencies you can't not think about, to bizarre characterisation that makes no sense, fans had to simply grit their teeth and try to forget - or at least, ignore - these obvious lapses in storytelling integrity.

If you want to preserve your untarnished memories of some classic video game stories and moments, this is your last chance to turn back...


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