10 Subtle Details That Make Skyrim WAY More Interesting

Could Elder Scrolls VI's story be right in front of us?


Over the past few years it's become something of a talking point to "see Skyrim as it truly is", labelling it a hot mess of a game. It is all too easy and somewhat deserved to rag on Skyrim and point out its many flaws which have gone long uncriticised, due to a godlike status in gaming. That said, these same people often forget just how Skyrim captured our hearts in the first place.

Unbelievably intricate and well thought out conceptually, the world of the game is jammed full of tiny, barely noticeable secrets. And considering the game's scope and expansive nature, it's not surprising that the vast majority of people completely overlooked some of the more subtle details the game offers.

Entire mechanics, secret easy kills, and even entirely unique dialogue that can only be unlocked through the most baffling set of circumstances. Skyrim accounts for so many memories and gameplay sequences, you will undoubtedly not have heard of everything on this list.

Seven years later and Skyrim still has secrets - a reason alone as to why Skyrim won our hearts. That, and Bethesda haven't stopped re-releasing the game for half a decade.


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