10 Subtle Video Game Twists Everyone Missed

Hidden in plain sight.

Resident Evil 7 Bakers

It's fair to say that most video game plots are the furthest thing from subtle. For the majority, they've still got a ways to go to stand tall alongside the greatest books and movies, and so it's typical for most games to bash players over the head with their big reveals.

But every so often, creators will have enough faith in players to figure things out for themselves, and simply leave a shocking plot twist waiting to be discovered.

These 10 hit video games all dared to "hide" game-changing rug-pulls in collectible files and tapes, to reveal crucial information through easily missed one-liners, and basically reward only the most attentive and curious players with the full breadth of the narrative.

Each of these reveals fundamentally alters how players will perceive the game or its characters in one way or another, and yet, the overwhelming majority of people would have missed them entirely.

If you did manage to discover them all on your own, though, give yourself a firm pat on the back...


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