10 Super Mario Levels That Were Just Plain Unfair

Who knew Mario games took so few prisoners?!


Ever since his debut as Jumping Man back with the release of Donkey Kong back in 1981, Super Mario has established himself as the world's most popular video game mascot. Becoming known for his 2D platforming adventures, Mario has since expanded his collection of games to include everything from vast open world adventures, a whole host of sporting competitions and even the world of puzzling.

Every console endorsed by Nintendo has received at least one standout Mario game since the Italian Plumber rose to superstardom, with most of them earning critical acclaim for their colourful collection of worlds and variety in level design.

However, sometimes these titles also like to just remind their fans who's in charge with an absolutely devilishly designed mission. Because Mario games are amongst the most addictive in the world, players can easily find themselves sat at their consoles for hours trying to get to grips with a title's mechanics being pushed to their limits or finding the best way to unlock a level's challenging win condition. We've taken a look back over Mario's history and dug out ten of the most unfair levels any gamer has had to battle with.


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