10 Terrible Moments That Prove EA Is The Devil

Eastarwars Earlier this year EA was voted as the worst company in the world which actually came as a surprise to me. I've hated the very core of their business ethic and their under-hand ways ever since I heard "It's in the game" as a child, however I still throw money at them and quite enjoy some of the games they actually develop. By develop I mean the games they made back in the 90's and have just copy-pasted each year, added in some shiny graphics and thrown on a glittering price tag. After reading through Peter Moore's reply to EA's title I found myself agreeing with him, sure they've made lots of mistakes and are a terrible company; but they haven't exactly crippled the American economy or harmed the environment in catastrophic ways. In his response Moore decided to list a few items where EA has been the small shinning light in a hurricane of hatred from fans, yet he decided to remain quiet on the multitude of issues and problems that makes EA deserved of the title of "Worst Company in America"; at least for gaming. In this article I'll be exploring some of the moments that have shown that EA isn't catching wind because it's the tallest tree but because it's just a downright terrible company.
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