10 Terrible Video Game Sequels Fanboys Conveniently Forget About

'The Arkham Trilogy'... and that other one.

Warner Bros.

Whenever a developer stumbles onto a winning formula with a new IP, the temptation to spin it into a continuous series always exists. While few will preserve the sanctity of such a positive outcome, most developers will instead opt for what they see as a potential money-spinner and thus, a franchise is born.

It can be very difficult to get this kind of thing right and continue that initial success, but the rare few pull it off, resulting in a huge number of reliable series' that get new, occasionally annual instalments. This decade has been no different, and you need only look to any October - December release schedule to see it in motion.

However, even the most reliable examples aren't without flaw. Some sequels are so laughably bad, tarnishing their otherwise solid legacies to the degree where fans simply choose not to acknowledge their existence whatsoever.

So let's dredge them up and hang them out to dry, shall we?

10. Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Star Wars KOTOR 2.jpg

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is, without doubt, one of my favourite games of all time. The way it invited players to become so engrossed in - and ultimately vital to - such a well-realised Star Wars story, was quite simply an absolute joy.

And when people talk about great Star Wars games, Knights of the Old Republic is always on that list. But this is done, however, without much of a mention for the sequel. Knights of the Old Republic II did manage to carry a few of the strong themes and mechanics over from the first game, but ultimately its reception fell very flat thanks to some shaky stories and weak characters.

It just couldn't hold a candle to its predecessor, with the developers trying to shoehorn the shocking reveal of KOTOR's main plot into the sequel wherever they could. The result was a mishmash of predictable betrayal and an incoherent narrative structure. Nothing solid was ever able to build, and in the pursuit of severing plot ties for the sake of 'unpredictability', it became entirely the opposite.

If you hear someone professing their love for KOTOR, chances are they're only referring to the first game.


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