10 Terrible Video Games You Can't Help But Love

Embarrassing. Ugly. Broken. Loved.

dynasty warriors 3 lubu lu bu
Koei Tecmo

You can't help what you like. It's a fact of life that not everyone is going to see the world in the same way as you do, especially when it comes to media. From films and music all the way through to the glorious art form that is video games, you're going to find pockets of fans deriding others for liking one franchise over another.

It's the by-product of choice, that we will instinctively defend video games we like because we chose them in some form or another, and this love can run so deep that you'll be dying on many a hill protesting why a certain digital domain has taken root in your brain.

And let's face it, we've all got a few guilty pleasures stored away that we utterly adore but have to admit aren't exactly well-made titles, and such is the focus of our list today. For these games might have absolutely bombed in the charts or with critics, but for some reason or another have stuck with us for years and years.

Think of this as a group therapy session, it's a circle of trust and no judgement... well maybe som,e as a few of these really are games only a mother could love.

10. Harvester

dynasty warriors 3 lubu lu bu
DigiFX Interactive

Harvester is a truly unique game and is quite possibly the closest you can get to experiencing a hallucinogenic drug trip without breaking any laws.

It genuinely might well be one of the most bizarre games I've ever played, and it's a title that isn't the slightest bit shy about diving into the surreal. The narrative revolves around Steve, who awakes in a pseudo-1950s American suburb with no idea how he got there. The rest of the town treats him like he's faking being an amnesiac and all encourage him to join The Lodge.

In order to do so, the player must enact some truly bizarre rituals and pass tests set by other members. Every single person you interact with is so strange that it makes your skin crawl, and all deliver lines of dialogue that make porn actors look like Patrick Stewart. Everything feels wrong and looks genuinely disgusting, plus the combat in Harvester is awful, making the entire second half of the game a slog as it relies on this mechanic all too frequently.

And yet, you can't stop playing. it's endlessly quotable, utterly memorable, but feels like it was purpose-designed to elicit a negative reaction from the player. If any other game tried this it'd fall flat on its face, but that's just what makes Harvester so entrancingly unique.


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