10 Terrifying Resident Evil Enemies You'll Never Get To See

Haunting your nightmares from the cutting room floor...


Resident Evil is a series that is, quite understandably, defined by its enemies. The horde of monsters that came pouring out of the minds of Capcom truly are the stuff of nightmares.

Sure, as the series has gone on we're basically looking at more and more foes that are just "tentacles and things" (maybe with an eyeball for a shoulder), but there really are some absolute terrors in there. Nemesis, Regeneraters, even the zombies themselves, but of course there are even more horrors to be found on the cutting room floor.

Which is why I've decided to don the lab coat and shades in honor of my favourite villain Albert Wesker, and take you lovely people back to Umbrella, just to showcase the what if's and what-the-hell-are-those of Resident Evil's scrapped monsters.


Note: Article adapted from WhatCulture Gaming Youtube script.

10. Man Spider - Resident Evil 2 And Resident Evil 0


Let's begin with a creature that couldn't wait to get it's many legs over on a night out, The Man Spider. Not a catchy name I know but it's much more digestible than it's alias of "ewww no get off I hate it".

As the name implies this creature is part human, part spider and all parts terrifying and originally was going to be found in the NEST Secret Lab area of Resident Evil 2. The NEST Umbrella lab animal testing is well documented and their introduction of the T-virus into organisms often resulted in huge growth and strength of its subjects.

This is why we see the massive spiders, moths and other oversized creatures in the first three games, and here it looks like a possible strain of these animals blood might have been injected into a human subject.

Umbrella may have even spliced human DNA into a T-Virus strain and injected this into a spider in order to create a bioweapon with the intelligence to understand orders and the physical strength and dexterity of a spider.

Worse still for any arachnophobes out there is that this creature actually got far enough in development that you can find an in game model and AI of it in what is now dubbed as Resident Evil 1.5 (the original Resident Evil 2 that was scrapped and restarted partway through creation). There's even a clip of William Birkin attacking a Man spider in this early build, but don't worry as the legacy of this leggy creature lives on in the Licker which the Man Spider was converted into after the 1.5 reboot.


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