10 Terrifying Video Game Bosses (That Are Hilariously Easy To Beat)

Yeah they LOOK good, but they're all just push-overs...


Boss battles are a sacred tradition in most video games and can be an incredibly rewarding experiences. Hours of exploration, gathering resources, levelling up abilities and fighting smaller enemies can all lead to an exhilarating battle against a unique and challenging foe that will test all your skills and knowledge of the game.

Some, depending on how difficult they are, can also test our patience, or in most cases the durability of our keyboards or controllers.

But as there are some games where we relish the chance to fight against another colossal opponent, there are others that will leave us quivering in our boots just at the thought of taking them on in a fight to the death. Whether they have been chasing us down throughout the entire game or trap us in a room with no means of escape, these bosses find a way to get under our skin and fill us with dread.

That is, until, we discover that their bark is a lot worse than their bite.

Unfortunately, despite how intimidating some of these bosses are, they are terribly anti-climactic and can be dealt with without breaking much of a sweat.


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