10 Terrifying Video Game Enemies You Couldn't See

9. The Novistadors - Resident Evil 4

amnesia the dark descent

With Resident Evil 4 being much more action-oriented than previous titles in the series, it was vital that Leon Kennedy gets some agile, frightening foes to tangle with. This being the resident Evil series, a dose of hideousness was also a given.

Among the rogue’s gallery of new enemy types added to the game, the Novistadors were a particular highlight.

These gigantic, elusive bugs pack a punch, tend to attack in groups and infest some of the trickiest areas of the castle (most notably the sewer). They also spend much of their time invisible.

Like any largely-unseen foe in a horror title, they emit horrible, unsettling sounds, and lurk in some very tricky places. They also have acid breath and sharp talons, because why wouldn’t they??


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