10 Things Blizzard Want You To Forget

All big companies have skeletons in their closet. Some more than most.


No company is perfect. From the smallest independent developer to a juggernaut publisher, they're forever run by people. And people, by default, are flawed and will make mistakes.

That is okay, but the bigger you are, the harder it is to erase those faults, and there are not many bigger names in the world of video games than Blizzard.

Throughout their 29 year life, Blizzard has curated some of the industries most beloved IPs. Across generations, from the lofty early days of real-time strategies like Warcraft and Starcraft through to the eSports phenomenons Hearthstone and Overwatch.

Blizzard has had a significant voice in the video games market. It would be naive then to assume that they've played everything straight and never put a foot wrong.

However, some of these missteps are legendary.

These mistakes range from bizarre - if minor - business choices, right through to cataclysmic stumbles that find the company on the news site front pages across the board. One thing is for certain though - Blizzard would like to sweep these controversies under the rug as soon as viably possible.

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