10 Things You Need To Know About The #GamerGate Scandal

7. Not All Gamers Send Death Threats And Harass People

This much should be obvious to anyone who realises you can't judge an entire demographic by the actions of a few, but people have used the recent Zoe Quinn controversy - where she received harassment for cheating on her boyfriend with five other guys (one a writer for Kotaku) - to demonise people who simply like playing video games. One person condemning gamers was the not-so-relevant Phil Fish, an indie developer who tweeted €œNuke all gamers€. Real mature. Why would someone whose core audience are gamers say something like that? We don€™t know either. But this detachment from figures in the gaming industry to actual gamers is the core of the #GamerGate movement. Gamers everywhere feel like there needs to be more transparency and less demonising and name-calling.
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