10 Things Nobody Admits PS3 Did Better Than Xbox 360

9. Microsoft Dropping The Ball

last of us

Whilst the PS3 would end up coming out on top from the seventh generation of consoles, there's no denying Microsoft certainly sprung out of the traps when it came to the early stages of their lifespans. The Xbox 360 had the better marketing campaign, had a year's head start (meaning developers were keener to release on the console and then port over to the PS3), and it was, by far, the far more affordable option.

Pretty much all the triumphs Sony had enjoyed with the PS2's release in 2000 over the Xbox came back full circle with the PS3 vs 360.

But, following the release of Halo 3 in 2007, Microsoft just seemed, at best, to be content with what they had and, at worst, became distracted by other things involving the console.

The Kinect and decision to have player avatars became a less good attempt at cashing in on the popularity of the Nintendo Wii, and the decision to host streaming platforms made it look like Microsoft was more interested in creating this entertainment hub, rather than the best gaming console on the market.

Exclusives became fewer and far between, whilst Sony only seized the initiative further with acclaimed titles like The Last of Us being released even after the PS4 came out.

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