10 Things Nobody Wants To Admit About The Outer Worlds

Party like it's 2008.

The Outer Worlds
Private Division

The Outer Worlds is finally out, and players are flocking to Obsidian's RPG in droves. Though they were once immensely popular, this generation has lacked role-playing experiences like this, ones which are actually built around player freedom and not just shooting monsters and levelling up guns.

It's a space Bethesda used to absolutely dominate, but their reputation has been - putting it politely - damaged over the past generation, and players have been starved of quality experiences in the genre.

Obsidian haven't only scored an open goal though, they've created a genuinely compelling new universe to explore with their latest game, picking right up where they left off with Fallout: New Vegas.

That said, it ain't perfect. While The Outer Worlds is a great time, it's not exactly the second coming of RPGs, and some of its old-school charms might have been better served staying in the past...


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