10 Things Non-Gamers Don't Understand About Gaming

The "magic" pause button ain't so magic.


Though video games are the most lucrative form of entertainment media in the world - with annual revenue now more than movies and music combined - there are still a great many who simply have no interest in picking up a controller.

It's tough for gamers to even think about, but on the other side of the fence there are those who simply don't "get" the appeal of gaming, and therefore possess no knowledge of how the industry operates or how players engage with the medium.

And that's not a knock against non-gamers, of course, simply that their interests lie elsewhere, while gamers will naturally take the core tenets of the industry for absolute granted.

And so, from the cutting edge mechanics of modern games to the biggest issues facing the industry today, the immersive potential of the medium, and everything in-between, these are the highs and the lows of video games that non-gamers simply won't understand.

The next time you're tempted to scoff at the ignorance of your non-gaming pal, consider how totally not-obvious all of this is to the lay-person...

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