10 Things Only Hardcore Nintendo Fans Will Understand

9. You Bought (And Now Believe In) Amiibo

Amiibo Nintendo

Inwardly we all wondered quite what level of manufacturing quality the figures were going to be at when first announced, and questioned precisely how Nintendo would integrate them into games in a way that was meaningful. All that changed though, once you saw the designs close up and envisioned a green Yoshi guarding your desk and stationery at work.

Whether you've picked up selected figures from one series, cherrypicked a range of top-tier Nintendo superstars or bought a one-off of your favourite, it's difficult to resist the call of amiibo for long. Granted, quality usage in games themselves is an issue still to be resolved, but at least that's something that can be continually addressed and refined as we move through amiibo becoming a fully-fledged part of the Nintendo experience.

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