10 Things Red Dead Redemption 2 Must Learn From GTA V

What could a sequel to one of the greatest games in history learn from the highest-selling property of all time?

These days Rockstar have perfected their open-world formula, becoming a signature developer with a list of titles that would make anybody jealous. Not only is GTA V still the fastest, highest-selling entertainment property of all time, but with games like Bully and Red Dead Redemption under their belts, the Scottish developer has proven they can apply their skills to many different genres across the gaming spectrum. A resounding success all round, GTA V was a huge improvement from part four in every way; be it likeable characters, a world that was actually fun to explore, or just car-handling that didn't feel like your tires were made of jello. The original Red Dead is often called 'Grand Theft Horse' in a manner that's fitting to differing degrees. Yes there's a minimap in the corner just like GTA, and yes you're living in a dynamically altering world where crimes can happen at random, or you can go off and create them yourself. However the major difference - and the thing that elevates RDR above any GTA game - is the story it tells, with the consistency of John Marston character throughout. As Take-Two (the company who owns Rockstar) CEO Strauss Zelnick recently made a comment about how the Red Dead series is "a permanent franchise", it's time to saddle up the hype-horse and see how far it'll take us.
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