10 Things Video Games Need To STOP Doing

Paying extra to complete what you just bought? That's the gaming industry.


As an art form, video games have changed every year, and every change has brought with it an evolution. Higher fidelity graphics, for example, make games a lot prettier than they used to, but they also mean that characters can be imbued with a certain subtlety now, and things like wounds and inventory can actually be modelled on the character rather than tucked away in text menus.

But with every step forward, it seems we carry with us things that should have been left in the past. Things that could easily be changed but are done a certain way because it's easy; things that make publishers more money in the short-term, at the expense of their long-term fans.

Things that developers show a weird sense of pride in, despite it gatekeeping their communities. Strange little conventions that games seem to be stuck with because that's how it's always been done.

If we kept to the way things have always been done then every game character would have three lives and a crippling inability to walk to the left.


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