10 Things We Want From Elder Scrolls 6

9. Classes And Star Signs

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind
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One advantage Oblivion had over Skyrim was its class system. Rather than offering up every available skill carte blanche, Oblivion’s classes and star signs helped you to form a more focused character from the get go, letting you choose between a wide variety of different character moulds.

Classes had their routes in Dungeons & Dragons, and determined which skills and abilities your character could more easily progress in, without locking you out of pursuing other avenues if you chose to do so. Star signs, on the other hand, granted the player magical abilities or attribute bonuses.

The former element was completely removed from Skyrim, while the latter was replaced with a set of stones which could be prayed to, in order to unlock similar benefits. Although this might have made for more freedom early on in the game, it removed the sense of identity that came with choosing to be a Witchhunter, Bard, or a Pilgrim at the outset of Oblivion.

Benevolent modders reintroduced classes and star signs into Skyrim, and completely altered the way players approached the game in the process. Hopefully, this feature, or something similar, will return in the next series instalment.


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