10 Things WWF No Mercy Does Better Than WWE 2K15

It doesn't matter about your next gen capabilities!

Let's face it: WWE 2K15 wasn't everything it was hyped to be. After all the bluster and it being promoted as a "new era for wrestling video games," 2K's sequel failed to live up to fans' lofty expectations of evolution. That's not to say it was a terrible game per se, but it falls in line with its predecessors and it's far from the revolution promised. The gameplay is fun and the graphics are great, but what about it will make it worth playing years down the line? It's hardly going to be for the weak roster, the limited game modes, or the lack of originality. Inevitably, the past offers the model against which WWE 2K15 must be judged: and in the cold light of day, not only is it no different than anything else we've been treated to in recent years, but it is completely undermined by a game released almost 15 years ago. Even without technological advances, next-gen capabilities or the greater experience in development, WWF No Mercy remains the glaring superior when stacked next to WWE 2K15. In fact it remains the greatest WWE game of all time. Released on the Nintendo 64 in 2000, No Mercy was ahead of its time: featuring a stacked roster and storylines straight out of the Attitude Era, fans recognize its brilliance for good reason. Its gameplay was innovative, its soundtrack was stellar and its cast of characters was unprecedented, and really what more could a wrestler gamer ask for? WWE 2K15 pales in comparison to the masterpiece that was No Mercy, and in reading this list, you'll wish you still owned your Nintendo 64 so you could play it for yourself.


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