10 Things You Didn't Expect To Happen When You 100% A Video Game

Worth the wait... most of the time.

prince of persia ending

Getting 100% completion in a video game is an achievement earned by only the most diligent of players.

Normally you have to collect every optional item, complete every side quest, and in some cases, even hit the end credits on a game multiple times in order to see everything there is to see. For those who are having a blast in said game worlds, though, there’s nothing better than knowing there’s just a little more game waiting for the patient and determined.

Sometimes games signpost pretty clearly what lies in wait for the enormously dedicated players who can hit that 100% point, but other times it’s a total shock.

In this list, we’re covering off on the latter, when whatever pot of gold lay at the end of the rainbow was a total surprise. We’ve got good surprises and bad loaded up here but I will warn you we’re talking the endingest of endings so there will be spoilers ahead, but I’ll give you time to nope out if you need to.


10. Ending E - Nier Replicant Remake

Nier replicant ending e
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Nier Replicant Remake, or Nier Replicant ver.122474487139 (yeah, you can see why I went with ‘Remake’) has five endings. In its original release back in 2010 it had four endings, the last of which could only be achieved by playing through the game multiple times and collecting every weapon available.

Here, you could see the ultimate of ultimate conclusions where Kaine’s Shade begins to take over and you need to defeat her, after defeating the Shadowlord. Sacrificing NieR to make Kaine human again, which requires you to literally delete your save, will grant you Ending D.

Flash forward 10 years to the remake and there’s yet another Ending you can achieve, but it requires you to have completed all other endings up to this point.

Ending E revisits Ending D but in this playthrough when you first team up with Kaine a sequence is triggered where you’ll become Kaine, visit the Forest of Myth, meet up with Emil and Weiss and get the option to resurrect your Ending D save file. You’ll need to defeat a recreated version of Hook to make this happen but afterward the forgotten Nier is reunited with Kaine and Emil so that’s pretty cool for a very, very hidden ending ten years after the main story was told.


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