10 Things You Didn't Know About Batman: Arkham City

Can you believe we were robbed of a bat shark repellent gadget?

Batman Arkham City Batarang

Not to make you feel old, but it won't be long before Batman: Arkham City turns ten. Rocksteady's sequel dropped just before Halloween in 2011 to rapturous acclaim, with many critics and fans calling it not only the best Batman game ever made, but perhaps the greatest superhero game in general.

For good reason as well.

With more confidence and resources than ever, Rocksteady built upon the foundation set by Asylum by doubling down on the elements that worked well, and taking just as many creative risks as they did the first time around.

What that resulted in was a distinctively different sequel - so different debate rages to this day over whether City or Asylum had the ultimate Dark Knight formula perfected - but one which was undeniably bursting with passion, content, and, of course, secrets.

As we know with the first game though, plenty can change from conception to release, and not everything the devs had planned went smoothly...


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