10 Things You Didn't Know About Red Dead Redemption

10. Clint Eastwood Was Offered The Role Of John Marston

Red Dead Redemption - John Marston
Rockstar Games

Rockstar, for better or worse, isn't short of cash, so when it came to casting actors for roles in Red Dead, nobody was off the table. That led to the creatives initially going big with their dream performers, and courting the kind of actors they'd already been influenced by to play protagonist John Marston.

Of course, when you think about Westerns, the first actor that springs to mind (well, who's still alive anyway. Sorry, John Wayne) is no doubt Clint Eastwood. With the game already inspired by his movies, the developers allegedly asked Eastwood if he'd be interested in voicing Marston, but he turned it down. That didn't stop the studio seeking other Hollywood veterans, and Robert Duvall and Robert Redford were also approached, with no interest from either.

They're old dudes though, and it's probably fair to assume they thought of video games as still being like Pong.

Eventually, Rob Wietoff landed the starring role, and instantly made it its own. As good as those other actors might have been, Hollywood stunt casting has a reputation for going wrong, whereas Wietoff truly defined the character across two games.


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