10 Things You Didn't Know Your PS5 Could Do

Block spoilers at the console level, and... use your old controllers?!

ps5 ps4 controllers

Believe it or not, we're already about one-third of the way through the PlayStation 5's life cycle, and after over two years of supply chain issues, it's finally no longer a massive headache to secure one of the consoles for yourself.

The PS5 is one hell of a piece of a kit, no matter how ugly its form factor might be, delivering cutting-edge new-gen gaming experiences while offering a bevy of quality-of-life features for those already invested in the PlayStation ecosystem.

Yet try as Sony might, it's difficult for them to loudly toot the horn for every single one of the console's awesome bells and whistles, enough that you surely aren't aware of every last thing the PS5 is capable of.

Plus, Sony has made the PS5 even more feature-rich since release through a number of system updates that have added long-requested tweaks and fixes.

And so, these are the 10 low-key PS5 features you absolutely need to know about. They might not change your gaming life, but in terms of time-saving, accessibility, and simply having more options to play however you want, they're all well worth checking out...

10. Block Spoiler Content From The Home Screen

ps5 ps4 controllers

Shortly before the PS5's release, it was ironically leaked that Sony had patented a spoiler-blocking system to prevent players from accidentally stumbling across unwanted plot information for games.

And while Sony has kept the feature bafflingly low-key, the PS5 indeed allows you to block spoilerific content from your console's home screen, ensuring pictures and videos posted by your friends can be filtered out.

Go to Settings > Saved Data and Game/App Settings > Spoiler Warnings, and you'll be able to hide content that's either been flagged as a spoiler by the game's developer or is simply a part of the game that you yourself haven't reached yet.

This will ensure you'll be able to enjoy those awesome boss fights and surprise plot twists without anything being given away by a thoughtless pal beforehand. With spoiler culture being what it is these days, this feature feels like an absolute must.

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