10 Things You Need To Know Before Playing Mass Effect

Advice for those looking to become the captain of the Normandy for the first time.

Mass Effect 2 Arrival

Mass Effect is widely lauded as one of the greatest science fiction games series of all time, while simultaneously existing as one of the most controversial. Few other games have enjoyed such gilded praise and endured such damning criticisms in the span of four games.

The series has a a haughty reputation, hundreds of hours of content throughout the entire run of games (excluding the optional downloadable content). As such, newcomers to the series might perceive it as a gaming Everest - wondering if the destination is truly worth the journey.

But for the heroes that are looking to don their N7 armor, climb aboard the Normandy and plot a course to save the galaxy, there's a lot of information to consider - before even a single inappropriate remark at a coworker intended solely to get a romance achievement.

Whether looking for guidance on a play style, or perhaps contemplating the world of Mass Effect beyond just how to play, but why someone should play, look no further. Here are some tips designed to help best prepare new players enjoy their first voyage across the stars, to battle the Reapers with the fate of humanity on the line.

10. Hunt The Good Stuff

Mass Effect 2 Arrival

It's is truly a double-edged sword when it comes to becoming an iconic gaming franchise, and the Mass Effect series is no different. These games were put on a pedestal for being incredible science fiction games the likes of which the world had never seen. But they’re not perfect, and reputations may sour an initial assessment.

Mass Effect 1’s combat is clunky and the Mako is a pain to drive. Mass Effect 2 simplifies many of the complex mechanisms purists loved from the first. 3 had a disappointing mid-level boss with Kai Leung, and an ending that lives in infamy. Andromeda had…issues. Lots and lots of issues.

But that doesn’t mean that each game is inherently bad. There might be something to a new player absolutely adores in the complexity of the first game, or the deep interpersonal conflicts of the crew in its sequel. You might even enjoy the heavy introspection Mass Effect 3 explores in Shepherd’s survivor’s guilt. Even Andromeda, warts and all, tried something new, albeit with some resulting flaws.

Opinions run rampant on the internet, but new players shouldn’t feel dissuaded by them. If a series as lofty as this one intimidates, or you've an inherent fear of disappointment from the trilogy’s end, remember that scores of people adore the series in its entirety. Curious about the games? Pick them up and let the opinion be your own.

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