10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Legend Of Zelda

10. Link's Awakening Was Censored

4151933214_a4063d60b1 There are quite a few differences between the Japanese and international version of Link's Awakening, but the main one happens to be the censorship. This may seem a tad weird for a game that came out before today's "PC" culture, yet for some reason quite a few changes were made to the American version when it comes to nudity. It's understandable to cover up naked humans in a children's game, even when it's all pixelated and tiny but the developers decided to censor the hippo in animal village. The idea was that the hippo was doing some artistic nudity for the painter in animal village however in the American version the hippo's breasts were removed and the sheet she was wearing was removed. If the game has been released in the past year, we'd all fully expect all nudity (whether human or animal) to be removed or have the game released with an 18 rating. In today's culture everything has to be politically correct, because apparently we have to bend to the wishes of the few rather than the many, but in an era were games weren't subjugated by certain choice groups why did Link's Awakening have to be censored? Who knows?

9. Koji Kondo Wrote A Different Theme For Each Game


Koji Kondo is well known for being the brains behind the music for most Nintendo games, but did you know he wrote a different theme for every Zelda game he worked on. He stated that ""Each game in the Zelda series has a slightly different vibe. Majora's Mask had an exotic Chinese-opera sound; and Wind Waker had sort of an Irish influence on its music. As we started thinking about the music for Twilight Princess, I got some guidance from the developers that they'd like music reminiscent of eastern Europe."

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