10 All-Time Best Zombie Games That We All Love

With The Walking Dead in full swing on TV and the newest game episode being available to download, what better time to get stuck into the horde?

Zombies are freaking terrifying. They aren't real obviously...but they're still terrifying. How do you actually define what a zombie is though? It's hardly a definitive term €“ are they fast? Slow? Do they have to rise out of the ground or can they simply be an infection? For this list, I chose to define zombies by the classic 'Romero' horrors €“ humans that have died or been infected (but still resemble something that is dead) and are now reanimated, driven solely by their need for flesh. This excludes several games that would undoubtedly make this list, notably Resident Evil 4 (an all-time favourite) and The Last Of Us (please don't hate me) which both feature a parasitic infection, creating zombie-esque enemies rather than actual zombies. You may disagree with that evaluation (and please, feel free to discuss it in the comments) but without further ado, here are ten of the best zombie games of all-time, including one bonus game which needed mentioning.

Honorable Mention: Typing Of The Dead

Typing Of The Dead Humour and originality can go a long way in making a game memorable and Typing Of The Dead has both in spades. A spin-off of the House Of The Dead series (the game is actually a remake of House Of The Dead 2), Typing Of The Dead abandons the lightgun peripheral in favour of a keyboard €“ instead of shooting zombies, you'll be typing furiously to fight them off. Words and sentences pop up alongside the undead hordes and typing the phrase exactly kills them. It's a surprisingly hectic game, especially when facing off against the various bosses in the game. Even the in-game character models carry keyboards instead of guns €“ it's bonkers but that's why it's so enjoyable. At the very least, the Typing Of The Dead proves that zombies can be both terrifying and educational.

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