10 Times Drinking Went Horribly Wrong In Video Games

Regrettably for Arthur Morgan, Red Dead Redemption 2's saloons were never under lockdown.

Red Dead Redemption 2 drunk

Alcohol has been a consistent theme in gaming history, from the surly inhabitants of taverns in early point-and-click games to futuristic interplanetary bars in recent generations. This has provided developers an opportunity to think outside the box by playing around with their visuals and controller scheme, as well as giving players a few unforgettable fourth wall breaking moments.

Whilst sometimes used as a mechanic in itself, such as in the Fallout series with alcohol serving to raise strength and decrease intelligence, it is more often than not used as a tool to show how dark and gritty a character is (see: Max Payne), or played for comic relief, sometimes in the most unexpected places.

Obviously, we should always look to advocate drinking responsibly, particularly so when in worlds filled with deadly monsters, hostile alien forces, or short-fused cowboys. Consider these cautionary tales, then, as we look at ten occasions when what started as a few quiet drinks at the virtual local led to complete chaos, with consequences ranging from some regrettable marriage proposals to an abrupt game over.

10. South Park: The Fractured But Whole - A Randy Mystery

Randy Marsh's dangerous relationship with alcohol is well documented across the South Park series. From brawling at kids' baseball games, to drink driving, things generally don't usually end well when it comes to Stan's dad and a few beers (or a keg for that matter).

In South Park's 2017 release, The Fractured But Whole, one mission involves solving the mystery of vandalism to Stan's mom's car. As it transpires, it is a blackout drunk Randy himself repeatedly keying the car and leaving ominous post-it notes. This results in a boss fight for the children against the inebriated geologist to put an end to his rampage.

Upon his defeat, Randy stops attacking said car but clearly still enjoys a little excessive drinking, appearing regularly in hungover scenes for the rest of the game. With Season 24 from the Colorado town due at the turn of the year, we can only hope he never changes.


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