10 Times Lara Croft Went Too Far

Accidentally triggering an apocalypse... twice??!

Lara croft tomb raider shadow of the tomb raider
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Lara Croft, the vision of grace, style and beauty; an English aristocrat with a penchant for brutally murdering endangered wildlife and locking her flatulent, elderly butler in the fridge.

To normal people these are reprehensible acts, but shockingly these aren’t even close to being the worst things Lara has done over the course of her twenty-five-year-long career in tomb raiding.

For a woman as experienced as Lara, it's surprising how many times she's had bad judgement or strayed down the wrong path. Saying that, despite making superhuman leaps and the fact that she "feels stronger now," Lara is only human and she’s allowed to have made her fair share of mistakes over the years. Granted, some of them have been cold-blooded, murder-y mistakes…but who are we to judge?

Across the games, films and comics Lara has often been as bad as she is good, hovering around a moral grey area.

From being rude to people, to murdering entire communities, to triggering the apocalypse more than once, Lara Croft has made some very negative impressions on some of the people she's met on her travels.

10. Tricking Pierre

Lara croft tomb raider shadow of the tomb raider

In Tomb Raider Chronicles we play through four adventures from Lara’s past, and in the first one, we get a glimpse at just how cruel Lara can be.

It began with the surprise return of Pierre and Larson from the original Tomb Raider for a story set just just before the original game. In these encounters we get more insight into Lara’s relationship with her rival treasure hunters.

It’s the scene where Lara has fallen into a trap and struggles to pull herself up, that we discover her nasty side. Pierre comes along and offers to help her in return for a treasure they have been searching for. Lara agrees but Pierre isn’t stupid; he knows not to trust Lara and makes her swear that she will give him her word that if he helps, she won’t lay a finger on him.

Pierre helps Lara up, trusting their agreement and once she’s on solid ground, Lara gets in Pierre’s face to intimidate him. He pleads with her to remember the agreement and Lara honours it. She simply shouts “Boo.”

Pierre stumbles and loses his footing. He falls off the edge and clings to the same ledge he just saved Lara from. Pierre begs for help and the tables are turned.

Lara says she would love to help, but recalls their agreement not to lay a finger on each other. She walks off and leaves him hanging, then we hear the horrible scream as he falls to his doom.

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