10 Times Publishers Screwed Over A Video Game

Turns out EA puts money ahead of quality... who knew?!


Like it or not, video games exist to make money. You can tell that some games are passion projects and some even deserved to be recognised as pieces of art the way movies and TV shows are; generally though, these are the exceptions.

The publishers, as the moneymakers with little creative input, are usually seen as the bad guys. They push tight development schedules, they pressure developers into crunch time, they meddle in things they don’t understand and they force the microtransactions.

We’ve been so conditioned by microtransactions that those alone wouldn’t qualify a game as being screwed over. FIFA is full of them with Ultimate Team yet still flies off the shelves, while GTA is notorious for them but receives universal praise. Overwatch is even frequently lauded for sticking to cosmetic only lootboxes, such have we been Pavlov’s Dogged into accepting microtransactions in our games.

It’s not just the money grubbing that comes under fire here though. Either by insisting on in house uniformity, constant meddling, ripping out a game’s personality or setting deadlines which proved massively detrimental, these games have suffered more than most at the hands of publishers.


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