10 Times Video Games "Did Right By The Fans" (And Pissed Everyone Off)

The road to a pissed-off fanbase is paved with good intentions.

Halo 5 Cortana
343 Industries

Given the asking price of AAA video games in the current economy, developers aren't exactly encouraged to take risks or paint outside of the familiar lines, because giving players anything other than exactly what they're expecting risks financial ruin.

And so, there's a glaring incentive for publishers to deign to the whims of the most vocal/loud fans, allowing them to proudly proclaim that they're listening to their customers and giving them exactly what they want.

Yet as these ten video games soundly prove, trying to please the masses in as broad a fashion as possible can backfire oh-so-easily.

These games all attempted to do right by their fanbases, yet in turn just made everything so much worse, pissing off millions with their shambolic creative missteps.

Perhaps a much-requested feature turned out to be a total bust, a dead character was resurrected in wildly unsavoury fashion, or changes to the overall gameplay loop simply didn't work.

Whatever the decision, it wasn't rapturously embraced by fans as the developers clearly expected, but indeed quite the opposite. These attempts to make everyone happy led to outright fan revolts...

10. Including The Batmobile - Batman: Arkham Knight

Halo 5 Cortana
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

After years of fans asking for Rocksteady to include a playable Batmobile in one of their Batman: Arkham games, they finally pulled the trigger for Batman: Arkham Knight.

Yet the result is one of gaming's finest examples of "be careful what you wish for."

Though in theory using the Batmobile to traverse Gotham is awesome, in reality the game excessively forces the player to use it in a variety of frustrating and simply unenjoyable situations.

Mandatory combat and even stealth sequences while driving the Batmobile proved especially frustrating, enough that many went on to regret the vehicle's inclusion in the game at all.

The Batmobile in Arkham Knight was a textbook example of giving players too much of a good thing - or rather, taking an excellent idea and running it firmly into the ground.

The Batmobile should've functioned primarily as a means of transport in the main game, with the tiresome tank combat being reserved for side content at absolute most.


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